New Apple Pay + Citi Digital

Citi has new banner ads that promote Citi with Apple Pay. Citi continues to actively promote Citi in partnership with Apple Pay with hero messaging that has shifted from their original launch messaging (“Here’s to tomorrow“).

Key Messaging:

  • Get more from Citi with Apple Pay
  • An out of wallet experience: Yet another reason to be thankful for opposable thumbs
  • Both execution feature a “Get Started” button
They have a hard hitting CTA to “Get Started,” which allows consumers to be redirected with a single click (low barrier).

Citi’s out-of-wallet experience is summarized below.
NOTE: Citi is highlighting the new security features provided by Apple Pay as an added benefit.  Apple Pay’s ability to provide heightened security is allowing competitors to leverage this offer, which has historically been a key differentiater for AXP.


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