New Apple Pay + Citi Digital

Citi has new banner ads that promote Citi with Apple Pay.¬†Citi continues to actively promote Citi in partnership with Apple Pay with hero messaging that has shifted from their original launch messaging (“Here’s to tomorrow“).

Key Messaging:

  • Get more from Citi with Apple Pay
  • An out of wallet experience: Yet another reason to be thankful for opposable thumbs
  • Both execution feature a “Get Started” button
They have a hard hitting CTA to “Get Started,” which allows consumers to be redirected with a single click (low barrier).

Citi’s out-of-wallet experience is summarized below.
NOTE: Citi is highlighting the new security features provided by Apple Pay as an added benefit.¬† Apple Pay’s ability to provide heightened security is allowing competitors to leverage this offer, which has historically been a key differentiater for AXP.


Maria Kochetkova featured in VISA Checkout TV commerical

New VISA Checkout spot featuring ballet dancer Maria Kochetkova.

This VISA spot features a notable celebrity multitasking in her professional career, while using the VISA checkout app. She makes it seem easy!


Description: Can Maria Kochetkova pay for Holiday gifts at while dancing the Nutcracker.Maria Kochetkova is dancing and paying online for holiday gifts .Woman on the side- Confirmed 11 holiday sweaters and 5. Maria-shh it’s for them. Sign up at Visa Checkout the easier way to pay online. Visa Everywhere you want to be.