Facebook Launches “Facebook Pay”

Yesterday, Facebook unveiled ‘Facebook Pay’, a new way for users to easily swap cash. A game changer in the mobile wallet payments category, Facebook Pay allows people to make payments with friends without the hassle of opening up a new app. This convenient and real-time feature marks a major differentiating point for Facebook Pay amongst its main competitors, namely Apple Pay and Google Wallet.
Facebook created an OLV to launch the new product. It’s interesting to note that Facebook does not mention the title “Facebook Pay” in the video, referring to the service as “Payments in Messenger”. See below to view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fyKMkm1Cc0

JetBlue to begin accepting Apple Pay as in-flight payment

JetBlue announced they will begin accepting payment via Apple Pay on select flights starting next week. The airline will allow passengers to purchase in flight food, beverages, and even seat upgrades with Apple Pay.
JetBlue is the first airline to bring Apple Pay on board.

MasterCard & BMW Present Contactless Credit Card

BMW and MasterCard have jointly presented a contactless MasterCard credit card that can be used to hire, unlock and operate a BMW or MINI vehicle from the DriveNow car – sharing fleet.
Although MasterCard and BMW are continuing to develop and introduce this new smart mobility solution, this may be a competitive threat for Amex as it seems that the contactless payment method is gaining more traction, especially with Apple Pay already in use by consumers. That being said, contactless payment methods such as ApplePay are not available to all consumers and is not being utilized by everyone.